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      Your present location:About Tianying
      About Tianying,
      Tianying Group is a recognized giant in supplying steel structure, steel sheets, steel coil, prefabricated houses and sandwich panels.
      Tianying Group has developed products and services now reaching across the globe and serving multiple industries. 
      The group consists of Shenyang Lanying Colored Steel Co., Ltd, Liaoning Tianying Steel Structure and Sheet Co., Ltd, Harbin Tianying Steel Structure Co., Ltd and Shenyang Xinghan Import and Export Co., ltd.
      With more than 400 employees, we can deliver quality products on time at a fair price and serve customers from 80 countries.
      Tianying group established manufacturing bases for light & heavy duty steel structure, prefabricated houses, sandwich panels, profiled sheets and steel coil. 
      With advanced steel structure manufacturing line and talented engineers, we produce 30 thousand tons of steel structures annually. 
      We have imported advanced FIR color steel manufacturing line from South Korea which gives us an annual capacity of 2.3 million square meters.
      Customer satisfaction is Tianying people’s ultimate pursuit. Sustainability is at the very heart of what we do, and we are dedicated to managing our operations responsibly and to improve our performance continuously.
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