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    1. Web Search: Goods

      Your present location:Tianying Headquarters

      To request information or contact us with a specific inquiry, complete the contact form and a representative
      will contact you shortly. If you require immediate assistance,  please call us at +86 18609826130.
      Thank you for your interest in Tianying Group.


      Group Headquarters:
      Shenyang Lanying Colored Steel Co., Ltd.
      No.52, Golden Valley,
      Beiyixi Road, Tiexi District,
      Shenyang, China


      Phone&WhatsApp: 0086-18609826130
      Wechat&QQ: 534384486, Skype: henyispeed
      Tel: +86 18609826130 
      Fax: +86 24 23302377 ext. 812
      E-mail: [email protected]


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